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Mike Trivella NEW Oct 2011

A Different Pair of Shades

What do a Bosnian genocide and an ancient philosopher have to do with anything? I think that in a strange way they both relate to the mission that the founders of NextGen set out to achieve. Our perspective isn't always the best, and we have to try on other shades.

, argument, Bosnia, Disagreement, Discussion, End, kant, nextgen, perspective, Shades, Words,


Talent Earth Connects Job Seekers

Talent Earth is especially relevant for college students because it provides a platform for parties seeking jobs to display their talents in creative ways and contact potential employers.

, job search, multimedia, nextgen, Talent Earth,

headshot maeve wall

On Mental Health, Come Out of the Woodwork

One of my classmates at Northwestern, Alyssa Weaver, tragically committed suicide last week. The experience shows the importance of talking about mental health, especially on campus. It's time that we all came out of the woodwork.

, Alyssa Weaver, depression, Mental health, Mental illness, nextgen, Northwestern, Therapist, tragedy,

Dan Gorman

All Good Things….

I don’t have definite answers for solving the toughest problems we face. However, I am absolutely certain that we members of the next generation can tackle these issues, if we start thinking critically now, and if we remain open to innovation and compassion.

, climate change, college, dan gorman, education, Labor rights, nextgen,

Lauren Manescu NEW

The Pros and Cons of Formula One in Austin

The FIA Formula One World Championship is a huge deal, and the fact that it was held in Austin was a topic of business opportunity and excitement to some. But it also came with major environmental and human costs.

, austin, Ferrari, Formula One, nextgen, Racing, university of texas,

Haley Samela, IDEAL magazine editor.

Foreign Education: Why Experience Matters More than Cost

Sitting in my freshman art history class and studying textbook images of ancient structures I had already seen in person, like Greece’s Parthenon, I thought, “How silly that our education is in a classroom, when all one has to do is travel outside."

, college cost, foreign education, Haley Samela, higher education, Ideal magazine, nextgen, nextgenjournal, study abroad,

Ben Seidman headshot

How Can Democrats and Republicans Move Forward Post-Election?

With the election over, our generation is looking towards the most pressing issues that will face America going forward. If both sides can recognize this, maybe one unthinkable concept- actually working together- might become more feasible.

, Campaign issues, Democrats, election, immigration, michigan, nextgen, Republicans,


The Evolution of the Super Team: An NBA Preview in Films

The NBA has become a league of superheroes playing on super teams. But does that mean fans should expect a less-than-super regular season?

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