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Stephanie Halovanic

University of Missouri

Stephanie Halovanic

I am an international strategic communication student at the Missouri School of Journalism from Dallas, Texas. I plan to pursue a career writing and editing for Vogue magazine, contributing to the many of the international editions. As a history minor, I would ultimately like to combine my love of history, the world, and fashion through documentary film. I plan to constantly pursue my passions, and have a colorful journalism career. I have always lived by the quote “only boring people get bored,” and I know that with a future in journalism, I will be far from a boring individual.

Z Posts by Stephanie Halovanic

Chris Brown’s New Album Does Nothing To Regain My Fandom July 8, 2012 While Chris Brown's new album, Fortune, will most likely soundtrack the club scene for the next few months, Brown should not hold his breath for a Grammy. comments (23)
Beyond Hippies, Drugs, and Hygiene— The Music Festival Experience June 7, 2012 I bought my ticket to Wakarusa with the intention of a fun weekend and a clever way to see a plethora of bands in a short period of time. I did not know how much it would teach me about life. comments (2)
The Ambiguous World of the “Hipster” April 9, 2012 Hipster clothing has become a notable way of dress for today’s youth culture. If ever someone dresses a bit edgy, retro, or fashionably daring, you often hear “You look so hipster." But what exactly defines an outfit or look as “hipster?” comments (0)
Dress to Impress or Just to Rest? March 23, 2012 Why do Americans always look like we are headed straight to the gym? The laid-back approach to daytime appearance in the United States is starkly different from European style and it seems to lead to larger implications about cultural fashion ideologies. comments (3)
How the “Little Black Dress” Got Cool March 14, 2012 Today, to people all around the world, the black dress conjures up the connation of sleek, simple, and sexy. Contrary to common belief, the black dress has not always been seen in this way. It has taken time for an acceptance by each generation to make the black dress what it is today. comments (0)
Be A Jackie, Not A Marilyn March 8, 2012 Jackie Kennedy is the epitome of sophistication, poise, and elegance. On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe served as a major sex symbol for decades. Although both women are revered and clearly notable figures, at the end of the day it’s true — strive to be a Jackie. Not a Marilyn. comments (1)
Best Picture Nominees — Midnight in Paris February 20, 2012 With the Oscars less than a week away, NGJ continues our coverage of the year's Best Pictures with the Woody Allen directed Midnight in Paris. Amidst a stunning Parisian backdrop, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams bring a charming tale about generational disillusionment to life. comments (0)
Grammy Trends: From Runway to Everyday February 14, 2012 Sometimes at awards shows like the Grammys, styles can seem out of reach for us non-celebs. NGJ's Stephanie Halovanic lets you in on some ways to translate runway styles to your everyday look on campus. comments (2)
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