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Noah Glyn

Rutgers University

Noah Glyn

I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey. I'm a Phillies fan, an Eagles fan, and a 76ers fan. So I suffer a lot. I'm an Agostinelli Fellow at the National Review, and a graduate student at Rutgers University. My writing has appeared on Next Gen Journal, National Review and National Review Online, and First Things.

Z Posts by Noah Glyn

The Keynesian Case for Hurricanes October 29, 2012 Say hello to Sandy the Frankenstorm. Sure, she looks scary from afar, and she might cut off our power, flood our cities, kill our friends, and make us miss our favorite TV shows. But she holds the power to rejuvenate our economy. comments (1)
13 Reflections on Wednesday Night’s Debate October 4, 2012 At one point, towards the end of the discussion of taxes, President Obama said to Lehrer, "You may want to move onto another topic." Not a great moment for the President. And it was that kind of night for him. Not great. comments (0)
Of Lunch and Contraception August 1, 2012 The Obama administration might not like it, but Milton Friedman was correct — there are no free lunches. Asking the diabetic to pay for your birth control only ends up raising the price of his insulin. comments (2)
Myths About Obamacare, Part 1 July 25, 2012 From claims that Obamacare is a godsend to the poor and the young to accusations that Obamacare was originally a conservative plan, myths about the healthcare law have saturated the airwaves. Most of them, however, hold little truth. comments (15)
‘Citizen of the World’ Now ‘Protectionist-in-Chief’ July 6, 2012 The president’s temper tantrum policy towards China is an example of his larger economic immaturity and ignorance when it comes to international trade. The would-be redeemer of our world is once again exploiting the economic fears of those honest, yet ignorant American workers. comments (0)
One Million Idiots June 18, 2012 These days, many young adults are worried about the job search. Thankfully, Our Time is here to save the day by creating one million jobs. While they're at it, why not create a job for every single person out of work? comments (3)
Antisemitism and Middle East Peace: A Response to Zach Smith June 14, 2012 Any honest analysis of the stagnant Middle East peace-process must take the hatred of Jews into account. In his article, "The Consequences of the Six-Day War," NextGen Journal's Zach Smith does not. comments (0)
Five Myths About Gay Marriage May 10, 2012 There are compelling arguments in favor of gay marriage. But too often its proponents resort to logically flawed arguments, such as those seeking to paint all opponents as homophobes or claiming the government is violating the civil rights of couples wanting to marry. comments (8)