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Nicole Gorny

Syracuse University

Nicole Gorny

Nicole Gorny is a NGJ College Reporter and a freshman newspaper and online journalism and Spanish double major at Syracuse University. She also spends much of her time working on campus publications, including the Daily Orange and 360 Degrees.

Z Posts by Nicole Gorny

Summer SAT Comes at a Price (UPDATED) June 5, 2012 For the first time, the College Board is offering the SAT during the summer, but only to students enrolled in a $4,500 college prep program in Massachusetts. NGJ's Nicole Gorny explores the controversy. comments (2)
Mytonomy Marries Technology and Advice for Students May 24, 2012 When Vinay Bhargava co-founded his social network start-up Mytonomy, he wanted to connect current and future college students. As the site has progressed, more advancements have been made in the overall design. NGJ's Nicki Gorny reports. comments (0)
President Obama Targets Youth Voters in Campaign Kickoff May 10, 2012 As we head into the 2012 election, President Obama is making sure he gains the backing of the youth vote for the second straight presidential election. NGJ's Nicki Gorny reports on his efforts in appealing to the millennial generation. comments (0)
Obama Addresses For-Profit College Deception of Veterans May 2, 2012 Addressing the deceptive practices of for-profit colleges, President Obama signed an executive order Friday to prevent higher education institutions from receiving GI Bill tuition money without providing support or meaningful education to veterans. NGJ's Nicole Gorny reports. comments (2)
College Campuses Ripe for Entrepreneurship April 19, 2012 College offers a great opportunity to use the many resources available to you to start your own business. NGJ's Nicki Gorny explores the entrepreneurial trend that is occurring at colleges around the country. comments (1)
Christian Students Recognize Holy Week on Campus April 4, 2012 Christian students at colleges across the country are celebrating the lead-up to Easter, and religious services are being offered at faith-affiliated and secular schools alike. NGJ's Nicole Gorny reports on Holy Week on campus. comments (1)
Three-Year College Programs Gain Popularity March 31, 2012 As college tuition continues to rise, more schools are adding three-year 'accelerated' programs. But while these paths can result in lower student debt, might they also limit the "college experience?" NGJ's Nicki Gorny explores the trend. comments (3)