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Maria Minsker

Cornell University

Maria Minsker

I’m a junior at Cornell University, studying English and communications with a focus on journalism. I write for several of Cornell’s publications including the newspaper, yearbook and business school alumni journal. This past summer, I interned at Family Circle magazine in New York City. I enjoy traveling and learning about new places, but my guilty pleasure is watching Friends reruns at home.

Z Posts by Maria Minsker

The Proliferation of Undergraduate Research April 6, 2012 More and more college students are engaging in undergraduate research these days. What are the positive aspects about gaining first-hand experience in laboratories and other research entities? NGJ's Maria Minsker explores. comments (0)
Ten Tips for Improving Students’ Networking Skills March 21, 2012 Great networking skills can mean the difference between landing a dream job after college and graduating without an offer in sight. NGJ's Maria Minsker breaks down ten ways students can better interact with the professional contacts they meet. comments (7)
Undocumented Students Seek Financial Options March 16, 2012 After high school, undocumented students' futures are typically unpredictable, because they are ineligible for financial aid or private student loans. NGJ's Maria Minsker looks closer at the issue of funding tuition for undocumented college students. comments (2)
Colleges Must Protect Students Against Bad Roommates March 7, 2012 Some roommates are worse than others, but no matter how angry you are that she didn’t do the dishes again or that he randomly blasts music on Tuesday nights, these conditions are livable. But these situations can escalate far beyond simple disagreement. comments (1)
America’s Worst College Towns February 24, 2012 No matter how great the academic environment at any school, the overall college experience can be jeopardized by a lousy college town. NGJ's Maria Minsker breaks down some of the worst college towns in the U.S. comments (4)
How Does College Impact Your Relationship Future? February 14, 2012 Finding the elusive “one” person that is marriage material is challenging, and according to a recent study, attending college makes finding a partner more difficult for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. NGJ's Maria Minsker reports. comments (0)
Best Underrated College Towns February 13, 2012 A college town doesn’t need to be in the middle of a major metropolis in order to offer students an unforgettable four years at school. NGJ's Maria Minsker compiled a list of the best college towns in America that may not be on your radar. comments (10)
iTunes U Gains Headway on College Campuses January 26, 2012 Technological advancements are being made in all aspects of our society, including ways that affect our everyday lives. NGJ's Maria Minsker explores the new trend that is making online learning much easier: iTunes U for the iPad. comments (0)