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Maria Minsker

Cornell University

Maria Minsker

I’m a junior at Cornell University, studying English and communications with a focus on journalism. I write for several of Cornell’s publications including the newspaper, yearbook and business school alumni journal. This past summer, I interned at Family Circle magazine in New York City. I enjoy traveling and learning about new places, but my guilty pleasure is watching Friends reruns at home.

Z Posts by Maria Minsker

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How Professors Can Help Fund Student Loans May 9, 2012 The Joint Committee on Taxation has proposed eliminating a loophole that allows college professors, administrators and presidents to send their children to school for free or at reduced costs. NGJ's Maria Minsker examines the possible effects. comments (1)
Five Tips for Finishing the Semester Strong April 25, 2012 It’s important to make one last major effort to finish off the semester and take home some stellar grades. NGJ's Maria Minsker has a few tips to help you get motivated, ace those finals and move into summer mode. comments (2)
How to Get Accepted from the Waitlist April 20, 2012 Getting waitlisted at a school you’re really passionate about attending is rough. But NGJ's Maria Minsker has do's and don'ts to help waitlisted students make themselves the best candidates possible. comments (0)
Your Internship: Guide to Finding Summer Housing April 13, 2012 Congratulations! You landed that dream summer internship and can’t wait to get started. NGJ's Maria Minsker provides a guide for finding summer housing. comments (0)