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Larisa Manescu

University of Texas- Austin

Larisa Manescu

I was born in Romania, grew up in Canada and Texas, and spent two years of high school in Argentina, ultimately graduating high school from an international school in Buenos Aires. Privileged with these experiences, I feel the need to scream to the world: Look beyond what you know! Expand your mind to what's out there, and expose it to others as well! I think mainstream journalism spends too much time relying on the talk of officials and not enough on everyday people, which is what the heart of journalism should be about; this is why I aspire to be an investigative journalist. However, the issues with mainstream journalism shouldn't be ignored, so if I gain the position to revolutionize it in any way, I'll take up that opportunity. There's little I don't enjoy doing, but a few of my favorite activities include dancing (unprofessionally but still gracefully, of course), traveling, drinking bubble tea, having adventures with my boyfriend, reading, writing, and talking to strangers. I'm antsy if I'm stagnant for too long, so I'm hoping to get a job that gives me the liberty to take up frequent expat positions around the world.

Z Posts by Larisa Manescu

The Pros and Cons of Formula One in Austin November 30, 2012 The FIA Formula One World Championship is a huge deal, and the fact that it was held in Austin was a topic of business opportunity and excitement to some. But it also came with major environmental and human costs. comments (8)
Basta de Dictadura – Enough Dictatorship in Argentina! October 12, 2012 While we play drinking games at debate watch events this month, my friends in Argentina took to the streets last month expressing their grievances to a government rampant with corruption and a nation plagued by a failing economy. comments (1)
Google Docs: Study Guides or Cheat Sheets? September 17, 2012 As students, we have a casual, widespread inclination to a less obvious method of cheating: Google Docs. It is rarely suspected by professors and nearly foolproof. But students themselves aren’t recognizing such collaboration as unfair. comments (0)
A UT Student’s Response to Bomb Scare September 14, 2012 This morning’s events escalated quickly. A mass evacuation of a campus of 50,000 people, no matter the already-existing carefully planned-out preparations for such emergencies, will never be foolproof. comments (0)
Stop the Sugarcoating: How to Create An Effective Anti-Obesity Campaign August 17, 2012 Sensitivity or political correctness is not the solution for bettering anti-obesity campaigns. The aim behind the ideal anti-obesity campaign is to stimulate action, and that happens with the correct balance of negative and positive reinforcement. comments (2)
Stop Sensationalizing The Shooter August 1, 2012 The media’s creation of anti-heroes, as it is now doing with James Holmes, sends a dangerous message: a promise of notoriety. To make someone famous or infamous, it’s attention all the same. comments (1)
Texas Prisoners And The Deadly Heat July 24, 2012 Being trapped indoors with no AC, fans that cost $22 to buy and can only be purchased from the prison, and poor air circulation that creates temperatures reaching 130 degrees is no mere inconvenience, but a hellish environment that results in an unexpected death penalty for some inmates. comments (1)
Transforming a Viral Video into Broader Action against Bullying June 23, 2012 Last Tuesday, a video of a 68-year-old upstate New York bus monitor named Karen Klein getting ruthlessly verbally attacked by a group of four middle school students went viral. Money to aid her cause is appropriate, yet not enough. Much more should be done to combat and prevent bullying of all forms. comments (0)