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Jordan J. Frasier

George Mason University

Jordan J. Frasier

Media has been my thing since I was too young to know what the word means. Since then I’ve worked online, in print and with video to share stories that I hope make a difference in the way people understand themselves and larger segments of humanity. I grew up in Washington State and now am a junior at George Mason University studying political science and journalism. I’m privileged to intern with NBC News, to have contributed to The Columbian and Connect2Mason.

Z Posts by Jordan J. Frasier

Gov. Rick Perry and his Student Supporters August 12, 2011 With Texas Gov. Rick Perry gearing up to join the presidential race, the emerging Students for Perry organization is preparing to offer support. NGJ's Jordan Frasier on the newest candidate, his higher ed policies, and his student backers. comments (0)
Education Among Top Tweeted Inquiries to #AskObama July 7, 2011 President Obama took a step toward connecting directly with younger tech-savvy citizens Wednesday, as he became the first president in history to live tweet and answer 140-character questions during a Twitter Town Hall held in the East Room of the White House. comments (0)
Bachmann Officially Sets Eyes on White House June 28, 2011 Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann officially announced her campaign for President in Waterloo, Iowa on Monday morning. NGJ's Jordan Frasier reports on the beginning of her campaign. comments (0)
Obama Launches Beginning of the End to Decade of War June 23, 2011 On Wednesday night, President Obama announced a 10,000-troop drawdown in Afghanistan by the end of 2011. NGJ's Jordan J. Frasier analyzes the president's speech, laying out a timeline of the war that has spanned nearly half the life of today’s college students. comments (0)
Huntsman Decides to Run, Students Decide to Support June 21, 2011 With his experience as ambassador to China and hopes to fix the debt, Jon Huntsman has already drawn strong support among a base of college students. NGJ's Jordan J. Frasier reports on the new candidate's run. comments (0)
Students for Daniels: A Movement Without a Candidate May 23, 2011 In the wake of Gov. Mitch Daniels' decision not to run in 2012, student supporters across the nation have been left without a candidate. NextGen Journal's Jordan J. Frasier reports. comments (0)
Commencement Season Meets Campaign Season May 12, 2011 With a slow start to the 2012 election season, a number of prospective candidates are setting out for college campuses across the country to deliver commencement speeches. Their motivations, and the statistics that back them up, may surprise you. comments (0)
Executive Branch Advises on Campus Sexual Violence April 6, 2011 On Monday, Vice President Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke on the responsibilities of colleges and universities to deal with sexual violence on their campuses. NGJ's Jordan Frasier analyzes the announcement. comments (0)