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Jonathan Green

Kenyon College

Jonathan Green

My name is Jon Green and I am a sophomore political science major at Kenyon College, which is in Gambier, Ohio. I am an active progressive and enjoy campaign work, most recently as field organizer for former congressman Tom Perriello (VA-5) in 2010. I was a wrestler in high school, and currently play for the club soccer team. It is my firm belief that This is Spinal Tap is the best movie ever made, artificial intelligence is possible, and Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated player to ever play in the NBA.

Z Posts by Jonathan Green

Hoodies ≠ Hoodlums: A Social Movement at Kenyon College April 2, 2012 This past Friday, a Kenyon student organized an event entitled “Hoodies ≠ Hoodlums” in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin. I initially struggled with this movement, wondering if it was just another form of slactivism. But I decided to participate- here's why. comments (0)
This is America’s Brain on Politics March 14, 2012 We bemoan a broken and nasty political system, and yet are unwilling to call out those who use disingenuous attacks. People who portray President Obama as an outsider or a Muslim are just tweaking our unconscious biases- to avoid having an honest debate about issues that matter. comments (3)
Operation Hilarity: Comedy Meets Collective Action March 7, 2012 Appeals for crossover votes are signs of weakness that are likely to go unanswered. The costs outweigh the benefits, and any larger- scale instance of crossover voting would mean that Americans are willing to act collectively to game the system. comments (1)
Freedom of Religion: A Reconsideration February 21, 2012 When Catholic institutions deny employees coverage for contraception that is available to everyone else, they impose religious values on a secular transaction. They're denying First Amendment rights to those who don’t ascribe to their employer’s values. comments (13)
The Tyranny of Unlimited Money February 15, 2012 As running a campaign has become more expensive, our representatives have become increasingly beholden to their donors at the expense of their voters. With the advent of Super PACs, this cash party could become even more exclusive. comments (4)