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Jared Sichel

Tulane University

Jared Sichel

I'm from North Potomac, Maryland, which is about 20 miles west of Washington, D.C. I'm studying accounting at Tulane University, which I enjoy and am hoping will help support me should I pursue a poorly paying journalism side-career. I love most athletic activities, and I hope that my body is able to handle sports for many more decades. Politically, I classify myself as somewhere between conservative and libertarian. Although I follow politics closely and have thought deeply about my political views, peoples' behavior towards others is far more meaningful to me than their political views. Follow me on Twitter @JBSichel (https://twitter.com/#!/JBSichel) and check out my blog at www.jaredsichel.com

Z Posts by Jared Sichel

Put the Pitchforks Down: Penn State Football Does Not Deserve To Die July 20, 2012 Incoming Penn State recruits have as much moral responsibility for the sex crimes as you and me. The field crew and concession workers at Beaver Stadium are as guilty as the field crew and concession workers at Lambeau Field. Which is to say, they aren’t. comments (3)
What the Chief Justice Did July 2, 2012 It is Congress’s job to write laws that explicitly do not violate the Constitution. It should not be able to write a long, complex piece of legislation knowing that the Court will bend over backwards to read it as constitutional. comments (2)
7 Ways to Make the iPhone 5 Great(er) June 29, 2012 I may know nothing about the upcoming iPhone 5 release, but if I were a designer at Apple, these are the seven things that would be different in the next iPhone. comments (1)
Pickup Basketball: Six Characteristics of a Winning Team June 15, 2012 My observations from my many days of playing and watching pickup basketball have shed light on the six characteristics of a consistently victorious pickup basketball team. There may be exceptions, but these rules are tough to beat. comments (2)
Wisconsin ♥ Walker June 6, 2012 Public money funneled to unions by Democrats eventually trickles to Democrats. It’s a morally perverse method of financing a political party and is a real threat to a functional democracy. This is the conflict of interest that Wisconsinites rejected last night. comments (0)
What Does Facebook Create? May 18, 2012 Today is a rare good day in American corporate life. A company that only could have been thought of and built in a country like America now has the capital it needs. Hopefully Zuckerberg and Co. will use it well. comments (3)
How the Republicans are Losing Immigrants May 11, 2012 By focusing on tangential issues such as illegal immigration, Republicans lose their luster. The party would do better to focus on prosperity and the wealth that spreads when people trade freely, a message that will ring true for first-generation immigrants and their grandchildren alike. comments (4)
Elizabeth Warren and the Left’s Tricycle View of Minorities May 4, 2012 Why does it matter, from a societal perspective, whether or not Elizabeth Warren lied or gamed the system? The notion that all would be fine if she is in fact 1/32nd Cherokee represents all that is wrong with the racial left. comments (2)