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Greg Stelmach

Delaware Valley College

Greg Stelmach

My name is Greg Stelmach and I am a sophomore at Delaware Valley College. I have been a diehard sports fan for as long as I can remember, and routinely got in trouble at school for reading the sports page during class. My favorite sport is baseball, but I follow anything that even remotely resembles a sport, and will take on anyone in a sports trivia contest. I am majoring in accounting and my dream job is to be general manager of an MLB team. I wrote for my high school newspaper for three years and was Editor-in-Chief my senior year.

Z Posts by Greg Stelmach

2012 College Football Preview August 31, 2012 College football season is finally back. With the season getting underway this weekend, here is a quick college football preview of the four most important BCS conferences (with apologies to the ACC and the Big East). comments (0)
All Star Game Snubs And AL Duds July 11, 2012 The National League dominated the All Star Game last night in Kansas City, taking the Midsummer Classic for the third straight year with an 8-0 win. But frankly, the All Star Game just isn’t that much fun anymore. comments (0)
The Greatest Article You’ll Ever Read (If You Believe the Hype) May 24, 2012 While ESPN has dubbed this the year of the quarterback and year of the pitcher, I have a better name —the Year of Over-hype. I cannot recall a time where I heard such ridiculous hyperbole applied to so many rookie athletes. comments (0)
Taking Off the Rose-tinted Glasses May 3, 2012 Big injuries, whether caused by awkward landings or tragically-located fire extinguishers, have shaken up the NBA playoff picture, especially in the Eastern Conference. Here's what to expect in future games. comments (0)
Winners, Losers, and Bobby Valentine April 23, 2012 The first week of the MLB season is always too short to allow for hasty judgments. But two weeks? That’s more than enough time. So here are some winners (like Philip Humber) and losers (like The Boston Red Sox) from the very beginning of the baseball season. comments (0)
Pennants or Profits? The Question Facing Small Market Teams March 19, 2012 Every MLB offseason, at least one big name star leaves a small market team for a larger one- both Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder made the move this year. But the money divide in baseball is not as large as many believe- it just depends on the owners of each franchise. comments (0)
MLB Offseason Winners and Losers February 16, 2012 MLB Spring Training is just around the corner as pitchers and catchers will report this weekend. As the dust settles on the 2011-2012 offseason, let’s look at some of the winners and losers. comments (0)
Port Said Soccer Tragedy: Riot or Retribution? February 3, 2012 Sports can occupy an important place in civil movements, but they can also divide people. Now is not the time for division; the Egyptian people must band together and prepare for the first free elections since the revolution. comments (0)