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Eric Mosher

Bennington College

Eric Mosher

My name is Eric Mosher; I'm a 20-year old from Queens, New York spending four years in Bennington, Vermont. I study political philosophy and Spanish, I'm planning to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during Spring term 2012, and have never been farther south than the Equator or farther west than the Pacific. My conscious love for America began in high school after reading On the Road, which I almost hate to admit because of how cliché that sounds. When I was younger, I figured I'd want to be an ex-pat later in life, but now I look at ex-patriotism as shameful. Some say, “love it or leave it,” but I say, “love it, leave it or make it right.” I'm choosing the last one. I believe that many of America's most pressing issues can be traced back to the unbelievable inequity we see within our society, because inequity leads to political corruption and plutocracy in place of democracy. Today, injustice abounds, and never fails to sadden me. I want my niche in life to be as a citizen warrior against such injustice and inequity. My greatest dreams are to reach the speed of light, land and live on a moon of Jupiter, swim and telepathically communicate with a school of blue whales, and witness the dawn of a new era of American progressivism, starting right now!

Z Posts by Eric Mosher

Time to Get Out of Afghanistan — Now, Not Later May 21, 2012 Most of the American people have already rejected the war in Afghanistan as no longer worth the immense costs. All we need now is for our government to agree. comments (0)
Lack of Leadership from the Right, not Obama March 12, 2012 I've heard the phrase "lack of leadership" in the same sentence as "President Obama" so many times that I've almost convinced myself of a connection between the two. But claims of the President's lack of leadership are just another example of empty rhetoric from the right. comments (2)
Why Michigan Doesn’t Matter February 29, 2012 Despite Mitt Romney's win in the Michigan primary, Rick Santorum may still have a place in the nomination contest, possibly as a VP to attract social conservatives. However, moderate Americans would not tolerate the idea of Santorum being a heartbeat away from the presidency. comments (2)
Undecided about 2012? Re-elect President Obama February 9, 2012 We have a choice to make as a nation. We can support a candidate who has been pushed to the extreme Right by the Tea Party, or instead support a President who has shown concern for the poorest in society. comments (2)
The Iraq War—a Mistake, a Travesty December 21, 2011 I hope that we can learn as a country from the experience of invading, destroying, and re-building a sovereign state. I hope we learn to never do it again, unless they are actually exhibiting warlike behavior toward us. comments (0)
America’s Role in the World: Dissent is Patriotic December 13, 2011 We don't have the money, time or spiritual fortitude to continue policing the globe. Let's get our own country in order, and tell the rest of the world that we're taking a breather for a few years. And I have undermined neither my nation nor my patriotism for saying so. comments (3)
President Obama, the Republican Party and the Muslim World November 3, 2011 The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama will ensure that Islamophobia does not become a part of American foreign policy. While Obama has a nuanced understanding of the Muslim faith, the majority of the Republican candidates for President do not. comments (0)