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Cody Brotter

Boston University

Cody Brotter is a Huffington Post writer and Telly Award-winning Executive Producer of buTV10's "Welcome Back, Brotter." An intern at "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Cody was voted "BU's Funniest Student" in an annual stand-up comedy competition. Contact his manager at info@suntaurent.com. @TweetCody

Z Posts by Cody Brotter

The 21st Century Campaign Strategy: How Low Can We Go? August 24, 2012 In this election, Democrats and Republicans will invest an unprecedented -- and for little 99%-ers like me, unfathomable -- amount of cash. They're betting against our intelligence, our awareness, and our attention. comments (2)
The Film School Textbook That Should Be Required Reading July 2, 2012 Here's the most helpful, up-to-date and brutally practical screenwriting book I've ever shoved in my two giant bookshelves full of screenwriting books. That's because it's an uncensored guide to movie-making in the free market. comments (0)
What Occupy Wall Street Can Learn From the Tea Party June 18, 2012 Occupy Wall Street's launch of a conversation on income inequality is not just good. It's overdue. Yet its failure to enact concrete change suggests it may need to look at what folks on the other side of the picket fence are up to. comments (3)
Giving Herman Cain the Old College Try November 4, 2011 I don't know if our declining empire will best be lifted by a Tea Partier or a Socialist Partier (that's why I became a registered College Partier). But I do know that there are some very bi-partisan problems with the current poll leader of the Republican candidates. comments (0)
Player Hating: Saying “Game Over” to College Sports October 18, 2011 The rivalry between BU and BC might be better off to concern itself less with hockey scores and team rankings than test scores and college rankings. Maybe that's the kind of American competition between private institutions that could result in little things like scientific breakthroughs and entrepreneurship. comments (2)
Curb Your… Emissions? August 5, 2011 This summer marks the 5th anniversary of the release of Al Gore's slideshow (or "Oscar-winning documentary"). And I am reminded of conversations I've had about the issue of climate change with a pre-divorce Larry and a pre-fake divorce Cheryl Hines. comments (0)
Stop Telling Jon Stewart What His Job Is And Start Doing Yours June 27, 2011 Comedian Jon Stewart takes a lot of flak from the talking heads of cable news for his outspoken anger over the way those same talking heads conduct themselves. It's easy to take aim at Stewart for flipping between serious and satirist, but could it be Stewart who's in the right? comments (0)