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Allen Song

Carnegie Mellon University

Allen Song

My name is Allen Song and I am currently a Junior Chemical Engineering and Economics double major at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a proud habitual stress eater and New Jersey Resident. I enjoy taking long naps on the beach and getting free ice cream from Haagen Daz.

Z Posts by Allen Song

“Party With Consent:” A Movement to End Sexual Assault June 27, 2012 Started last year by Jonathan Kalin at Colby College, the organization “Party With Consent” implements resourceful marketing to uniquely deal with the issues of harassment and sexual assault. comments (3)
Linsanity May Reinforce Racial Stereotypes February 17, 2012 When Floyd Mayweather attributed Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise in the NBA to Lin’s ethnicity, the majority of the public denounced Mayweather as a ‘hater’ and a racist. However, Mayweather’s comments are not completely unfounded. comments (2)