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Adrienne Edwards

University of Pennsylvania

Adrienne Edwards

University of Pennsylvania 2013, originally from New York. When I'm not writing, I'm looking for a good read.

Z Posts by Adrienne Edwards

Post-Election 2012: It’s Time To Move Forward November 7, 2012 Where we go from here is not only decided by those sitting in Washington D.C. It’s a decision for everyone to make. We can continue to demonize our political opponents and dismiss their policies with disgust. Or we can look for common ground and shared values. comments (0)
Gutting Grutter: Why Race Cannot be Ignored October 11, 2012 Recognizing that some applicants did not get the same shot as others adds crucial value to the holistic nature of the admissions process. And for now, The Supreme Court should rule that the consideration of race is here to stay. comments (9)
College Tips from a Senior August 17, 2012 While I solidify getaway plans and write my bucket list for my upcoming senior year, I remember some of the lessons I stumbled through along the way. Here are five things I wish I could remind my freshman self. comments (0)
Joking About Rape: Daniel Tosh Crossed The Line July 18, 2012 There are always lines when it comes to humor that should not be crossed. Daniel Tosh crossed that line when he recently suggested that it would be funny if an audience member were gang raped in front of the crowd. comments (22)
My Plus One, My iPhone July 9, 2012 Services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are meant to enhance social activities, but not everybody approves of phone use in social settings. Is it so wrong if your phone attends the party as a plus one? comments (0)
The Stain of Police Misconduct June 19, 2012 Allowing police officers to operate above the law engenders fear on behalf of the population rather than trust. And if we can’t trust the police officers that are supposed to keep us safe, then we have no real repose. comments (2)
Jamie Dimon Hearing Falls Short June 14, 2012 Without any real progress, the Jamie Dimon Senate hearing was nothing but a symbolic act. And when the unemployment rate and other cues of a flailing economy are everything but symbolic, such gestures are not going to cut it. comments (0)
Pay Equity Falls Victim to Politics Again June 6, 2012 While no one expected the Paycheck Fairness Bill to pass, it should be considered a loss in the gender equity fight. Hopefully in the future, when politicians are not ruthlessly scrambling for their jobs, they may be able to do the right thing. comments (3)