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Talent Earth Connects Job Seekers

by Dominique Johnson | Temple University

F Posted in: College P Posted on: November 30, 2012
TalentEarth Image courtesy of Basha Millohlen

The mission of Talent Earth is to “get America back to work.” It has taken up the task of making sure returning military members and new graduates have a pathway to work, though the platform is built for all workers from all industries and all generations searching for jobs, full or part-time, contract or career track.

Talent Earth is especially relevant for college students because it provides a platform for parties seeking jobs to display their talents in creative ways and contact potential employers.

“Most of the core team is made up of ‘affinity groups,’” Basha Millohlen, Talent Earth’s education outreach and recruitment consultant, said.   “People who believe in the project and are giving their time and expertise to make it work. The core team consists of the founder, the film editor and colleagues, members of the web development group, office staff, a CEO/CBO, legal, site coaches and supporters.”

Millonhlen was asked to work with Talent Earth to build a strong list of brand ambassadors, and assist as they built their model pages.

She has developed the marketing plan, tested promotional opportunities such as career fairs and interviews and served as the liaison to Talent Earth’s PR firm, she said.

“Talent Earth went live on June 1, 2012, but it is still officially in Beta,” Millonhlen said. “We get reports daily from our brand ambassadors and new users about improvements or changes needed. We believe the product we have today is well-built, serves the public well and is ready to go.”

Millonhlen noted how there will always be challenges with a new platform. Talent Earth offers members the unique and innovative option for users to share their talents through multimedia content.

This platform must be able to give members enough bandwidth and support, she said. So that they will be able to share their “talent story.”

“No other job connection website does this,” Millonhlen said. “So we have experienced difficulties and pitfalls along the way. The good news is that we have worked all or most out by now and we are close to leaving Beta and formally launching.”

Talent Earth’s formal launch is scheduled for early spring 2013.

“In the almost year since its concept development and five months since the ‘go live,’ the Talent Earth founder, CEO, and other staff have presented the concept to thousands of people through direct connect or group sessions,” Millonhlem said. “Everyone has had a positive response. At career fairs, our booth has always been deluged by job seekers. Once they realize they can promote themselves through multiple tools, they always sign up.”

Currently, Talent Earth uses the top social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to connect to followers and members. They also have partnerships with a handful of Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, trade schools, and educational organizations in the works that Millonhlem said will be mutually beneficial.

“Talent Earth staff have identified three stages of development for now,” Millonhlem said. “The first stage, building the website and getting it populated, is just about completed. The next stage will target refinement and partnerships. The third stage will focus on building traffic and meeting technological trends or ‘keeping up’ to stay fresh, current, relevant, and meaningful for the members. Talent Earth will stay ahead of the curve to be the ‘go to’ site for the multimedia portfolio, collaborative project teams, and to meet the hiring needs of businesses.”

Dominique Johnson Dominique Johnson Dominique is a native of North Philadelphia. He is a graduate from The Community College of Philadelphia and is currently attending Temple University studying Journalism.

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