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Who Will TGP Winner Blake Jenner Play on Glee?

by Lyssa Goldberg | University of Miami

F Posted in: Sports and Culture P Posted on: August 15, 2012
6958150750_182eefe57e Image Courtesy of Flickr, ThisIsJonny

In a should’ve-been-expected-but-somehow-surprising turn of events, Blake Jenner has won The Glee Project and a role on Glee for seven episodes (or more, considering Season 1 winners Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen both stayed on for longer). Expected because Jenner was the most consistent talent throughout the whole season. Surprising because since when does Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee and final-say on The Glee Project, make safe, obvious decisions?

Jenner is a 19-year-old from Miami – and the “whitest half-Cuban ever,” according to the simultaneously cliché and heartfelt poem he read to the judges after his final performance. Not a complete nobody, the evidently skilled actor has previously appeared in an episode of ABC Family’s sitcom Melissa and Joey.

So now that this soon-to-be-20-year-old heartthrob (his birthday is August 27 – what a birthday present!) will be starring on Glee, what can we expect to see from him? Here is NextGen Journal’s list of the Top 5 characters Jenner might end up playing.

1. Reformed bully

The movie trailer to Pink’s song “Perfect” revealed that Jenner knows how to have an angry side, and he does it well. As the reformed bully, Jenner would show off his acting talent during flashbacks to his ugly past. Meanwhile, singing in Glee club is a way for Jenner to find himself, gain some friends, and wash away the shameful memories.

2. Dating someone – or everyone

It’s no secret that Jenner has the looks to be the next two-time Prom King at McKinley High a la Finn Hudson. Murphy tweeted yesterday, “Writing such a great role for the winner! And just wait until you see who they are dating…” There aren’t too many girls left in New Directions, now that many have graduated, but Jenner is ready to win over the new faces in the crowd, like actresses Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist, who will be joining the cast as well.

3. Geek-turned-hottie

A once quiet, not-so-attractive freshman who spent his hours watching Doctor Who marathons and playing World of Warcraft, Jenner walks in the door after a very productive summer, and McKinley High takes notice. As humble as always, the now stunner sophomore is forced into awkward situations with girls pining over him, but Jenner always ruins the conversation by bringing up Calculus (an homage to Jenner’s best friend on the show, Michael Weisman). Ryan Murphy – listen up! This one is our favorite.

4. Puck’s younger brother’s best friend

Jacob Artist is being brought in to play Puck’s younger brother. Well, Jenner is ready to be his best friend and revive the Finn-Puck friendship. Inseparable and adorable, the pair would steal the hearts of McKinley High girls just like Jenner and Weisman did to the audience of The Glee Project.

5. The lazy slacker

Jenner’s mom forces him to get out of the house and find an extracurricular activity. Glee club is the only option, and he doesn’t plan on putting his whole heart into it, until wait – he discovers he can sing.

We’ll all find out soon after Season 4 of Glee premieres on Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. (Note the Thursday time change). Until then, enjoy this video of Jenner alongside TGP Season 1 favorite Cameron Mitchell.

Lyssa Goldberg Lyssa Goldberg Lyssa is a NGJ College Reporter and a sophomore at the University of Miami, where she is studying journalism and political science. She is assistant editor of her school's student newspaper, The Miami Hurricane. She also writes for Distraction, the student lifestyle magazine.

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