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Paul Ryan for VP- The Romney/Ryan Comeback Team?

by NextGen Journal | Everywhere

F Posted in: Election 2012, News and Politics P Posted on: August 11, 2012
Paul Ryan Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr

On Saturday, August 11, the outlook of the 2012 Presidential race shifted dramatically with Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. Romney announced the selection at an event on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia, kicking off a joint bus tour through critical swing states.

According to reports, Romney made the decision at the beginning of August, and asked Ryan to join him on the ticket shortly afterward. The choice adds a younger face to the ticket- Ryan is 42 years old, and is already energizing more conservative voters. The Romney campaign is referring to the ticket as “The Comeback Team.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Ryan choice is expected to shift the terms of the debate and the Romney campaign’s approach. Up to this point, many in the Romney campaign largely framed the election as a referendum on President Obama’s performance over the past several years. With this choice, Gov. Romney seems to have decided to shift the focus to a stark choice between very different visions and ideologies. Some are speculating that could lead to a more substantive, policy-focused campaign.

Ryan is a controversial figure, to be sure. His ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget was both lauded on the right and heavily criticized by the left for sharp cuts to government programs. Romney had largely endorsed the Ryan budget and its goals, but adding Ryan to the ticket will certainly increase the focus on those plans. That now appears to be a debate that both campaigns are eager to have.

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How do you feel about the Paul Ryan pick? And does it make you more likely to support Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden in 2012?

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