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Lunchtime Heaven — America’s Food Truck Frenzy

by Jillian DOnfro | Syracuse University

F Posted in: Sports and Culture P Posted on: June 27, 2012

Lunch break rolls around, and you’ve got a half an hour to eat up and hardly any money in your pocket.  Hello, summer job in the city.  Fortunately for you, America’s gone food truck crazy in the last couple years, so oftentimes a tasty meal is but a stoplight away.  Check out some of these recommendations for spots to hit up:

(New York City )

1. Wafels and Dinges

“Good Food Belgian?”  Yes please.  This truck serves all sortsa waffles, and thus, all sortsa edible joy.  Try a meat waffle, a sweet waffle, or a waffle with fruit.  Oh, and “dinges” means “whatchamecallits” in Flemish, in case you weren’t in love enough already.


2. Now Eat This!

Uhm, okay!  Rocco Despirito’s new food truck not only has delicious meals for fewer than 350 calories each, but each meal comes with a warmed heart: 100 percent of the food truck sales go to teaching and feeding NYC schoolchildren on Free Lunch Fridays.  Order that Cheesy Turkey Black Bean Enchilda with a smile.


3. Milk

Not many foods feel as comforting as a good ol’ grilled cheese.  Thanks to Milk, you can get all the homey deliciousness of your favorite sandwich on the go—but without the Kraft single-slice.  These are fancy grilled cheeses.  Not quite sure what “Aged Wisconsin Gruyere” is, but it sounds amazing.



1. Flirty Cupcakes

Throw away the Funfetti mix you’ve been hoarding in your cabinet, and opt in to a visit to Flirty Cupcakes instead.  With cupcake flavors the likes of Mocha Me Smile and Curious George (banana-chocolate: mmm), this truck will get your sweet tooth going.

2. Ste Martaen & Soul Vegetarian Truck

Vegan food isn’t always easy to find, but in this case, it’s on wheels.  For the freshest, most delicious satisfier of your vegan desires, hit up this healthy haven.  The  Buffalo “Chik’n” Pita can take care of your soy craving.


(San Francisco)

 1. Curry Up Now

This food truck gets points for the pun-y name, but double points for the amazing Indian food it serves.  Nothing like a Dosa crepe with walnut pesto chutney to really tide you over until Happy Hour.


2. Fiveten Burger

Fiveten fare is about ten times tastier than your average Big Mac.  This truck delivers artisan burgers created with locally sourced ingredients.  Oh, and did I mention that you can get garlic fries with that?



The only thing better than a falafel is a falafel that comes out of a truck!  The creators of LIBA food truck got their culinary inspiration while traveling through Amsterdam.  For them — great European explorations.  For you — an authentic taste, right on your street.



1. Lefty’s Silver Cart

It’s not often that a food truck will offer you a picnic blanket to feast upon.  Lefty’s does.  Serving sandwiches, soups, and smoothies with a smile, Lefty’s also gets credit for their clever sandwich names.  Catcher in the Rye — Veggie burger, swiss, sauerkraut on…you guessed it.  Badum-chkk.


2. Momogoose

Founded by MIT alums: ‘nuff said.  Really, though, this Southeast Asian truck serves up curries, kimchis, and even ramen-based soups.  Take your taste buds for a walk on the wilder side.


Jillian DOnfro Jillian DOnfro Jillian D'Onfro is a NGJ Staff Writer and a a dual major in Magazine Journalism and Information Management and Technology at Syracuse University.

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