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Sticking with Ron Paul: The Man of Freedom

by Eric Rodeschin | University of Miami

F Posted in: News and Politics, Voices P Posted on: February 8, 2012
Eric Rodeschin Eric Rodeschin

I can sum up my love for Ron Paul’s message and leadership in three words: honesty, liberty, and independence. It is rare to find a person as candid as Ron Paul, especially in politics. He is the most consistent defender of our American traditions since the Founding Fathers first ratified the “radical” piece of paper we know as the Constitution. The Constitution was created so the citizens of the new Republic of the United States would not have to fear the power of their government- it would be run by the people and would serve the best interests of all people. It was primarily made to protect our borders and to ensure that individual and states’ rights were upheld.

However, in this day and age, we have lost sight of our founding traditions and the government has become the servant of the elite and wealthy, rather than the protector of the people. Ron Paul offers hope for a change back to our founding, which promises liberty and the right to make decisions for ourselves as long as they do not harm other human beings. The idea of liberty is young indeed, and this is why Ron Paul garners so much support from the youth of our nation.

Look at the America we live in today: two unjustified wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the potential for a third against Iran; federal regulation of what we can and cannot put into our bodies; police brutality against peaceful demonstrators across the country; high unemployment rates and the greatest debt in our young nation’s history; the highest percentage of citizens incarcerated in the world, primarily due to strict drug regulation laws. The list of problems in our society is long indeed, and the people who are burdened with paying for the governmentally defined “solutions” to these problems are the American citizens.

Ron Paul sends his listeners a message of independence; independence of self and independence from the government. He is an advocate of personal choice (except in terms of abortion, where he is strongly pro-life due to his background as a physician). He understands that a strong society is an independent society where people and families look out for themselves responsibly. This does not mean turning a blind eye from those suffering, but, instead, creating a stronger sense of community where individuals who can help themselves will be better able to aid the minority of those who physically or psychologically cannot.

He plans to remove departments which are ineffective and wasteful in order to create room for more effective use of government money. This will lead to more opportunities for all citizens, not just federal associates. If America does not get back on its feet soon, we will head straight down a cliff to economic and social chaos.

There are numerous social issues in our society which are controversial, such as drug use, welfare programs, and abortion. The fact that we can argue about these issues is written in the First Amendment of our Constitution. Without the possibility of controversy in a society, there could be no change. Ron Paul offers this change with his vocal stance against the current status quo and back to our individual freedoms of choice.

I talk about Ron Paul and his ideas with passion because his ideas largely mirror my own. This is the main effect Paul wants to achieve during his campaign; he wants people to open their minds to the ills of our society and continue spreading the messages of freedom, independence and liberty. Additionally, he hopes to mold future leaders who will continue spreading these messages long after this election is over.

Ron Paul’s primary goal, then, is not to win this election. Frankly, most of America is brainwashed by popular mass media which have declared him “unelectable” hundreds of times over. Ron Paul’s objective is to enter the minds of millions of voters and to continue spreading his ideas of ending corrupt government establishments and replacing them with ones which look out for the people’s interests. For too long we have lived under the guise that the government is for the people when, in reality, it has benefited the wealthy bankers and elite more than any other group in our society. We can still be saved from such self-serving, corrupt, and unjust people if we heed the message of freedom and open our eyes to the truth.

So come this election, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot as a Republican or as a potential running-mate, I will not give my support to any other candidate. I will instead write-in Ron Paul’s name, if he is not already listed as a third-party candidate, and will continue to spread his message in honor of him and in honor of the freedom of all the people in America and throughout the world. I believe in a society which works together as a single entity toward the prosperity, peace, and harmony of all people. This can be achieved, but it will take more than Ron Paul to make this change. It will take us as a people to wake up from our American dream and start creating a peaceful reality of freedom and independence.

Eric Rodeschin Eric Rodeschin is a NGJ Guest Contributor and a pre-med student at the University of Miami. He's originally from Jackson Heights, NY.

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