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New Jeans to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

by Kelly Keenan | University of Notre Dame

F Posted in: Sports and Culture P Posted on: November 3, 2011

In the Fall, I often amaze myself with the number of mornings on which I hop out of bed, stroll over to the closet and pull out a pair of jeans. Look around campus; all you see are people wearing various styles of denim in countless different ways. Denim continues to reign supreme, this season, especially in the closet of the college student.

New styles of jeans are constantly evolving. In past seasons, the skinny jean was the coveted pair. Though the skinnies are still popular among people our age, wider leg styles have become popular in recent seasons. Though shades of blue are the common theme among jeans, colored pairs continue to flood the shelves of popular stores, like Urban Outfitters.


Skinny jeans are some of the most versatile pants available to the college age consumer. For class, there is the option of slipping on a pair of skinnies with a cool blouse, a blazer and a pair of ballet flats. On Saturday, try them with an oversized collegiate sweater and a pair of riding boots. Either way, they are sure to make you look stylish and put together. This season, legging jeans have become increasingly popular. These are not the same as the “jeggings” of seasons past, but they are equally comfortable and beyond skinny. The idea behind a legging jean is that it looks like a pair of jeans, but has the same stretchable qualities of a pair of leggings. They are also likely to fit more like leggings than jeans. So if you consider giant sweaters and boots your winter-wear, investing in a pair of legging jeans is definitely worthwhile.


The boot cut style jean is one that never goes out of style. The boot cut provides the classic silhouette that looks good on every body type. Again, versatility is key with the bootleg, although what is worn on top might change a bit with the change in style. There is an interesting contrast when skinny jeans are worn with a longer or more oversized top, but boot cuts require something shorter to balance out the wider bottoms. This is even more important as jeans transition from boot cut into wide leg styles. The wide leg look took center stage last spring when designers began featuring it in their collection. It returns this fall in an array of darker washes and higher waistlines. The wide leg is a great update to any wardrobe. If it is that hippy vibe that you strive for, try a less structured, flared pair and pair them with a shorter, more fitted top.


After years of jeans with half-inch zippers, the high waist pair has returned on styles from the skinniest jeans to the fullest leg. Though it can seem intimidating to try something so new, do not be afraid of the higher waist. They are likely to be more flattering and more comfortable than the continuously falling down low-risers. High waist pants are not flattering on everyone, however, so make sure to try them on before taking them home. You may realize, that your body type just may require that lower pair.


Shades of blue, grey, black, and white are the usual go-to’s when it comes to jeans. Every girl has in her closet her standard lighter washes and darker washes, but this season, denim designers are begging us to try something new. Colored jeans are making appearances on the street and on the runway. Red is the most popular color currently and stores such as Urban Outfitters are showing the trend in different shades and styles. If you are feeling daring, go for the brightest red and pair it with something plain on top, maybe a black, white or grey tee. Red is not the only color available. Skinny jeans are now seen in an array of colors from pink to yellow to bright green.

Jeans are clearly the go-to Fall wardrobe item, but they could sometimes use a kick. If you have been wearing the same style of boot cut jeans since ninth grade, it may be time for an update. Try slipping in to a pair of legging jeans and let your body thank you for the comfort they offer. Or if skinny just isn’t right for you, try a wide leg pair for that hippie-chic look. And don’t be afraid of a little color. Worn with something more subdued, a red pair can completely transform a look. Try Madewell.com for an array of different denim styles. Urban Outfitters and Free People also offer complete collections of the trendier styles.

Kelly Keenan Kelly Keenan Kelly Keenan is a junior at the University of Notre Dame, where she is studying Marketing and English.

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