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Twitter Accounts Every College Student Should Follow

by Zack Rizzo | University of Cincinnati

F Posted in: Sports and Culture P Posted on: September 23, 2011
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There are a lot of people tweeting these days and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to choose someone of value to follow. With the added pressures of classes to attend, jobs to work, and sports teams to cheer, a college student’s time is a very valuable commodity, and sorting through the millions of Twitter accounts for something useful is time we just don’t have. So we here at NextGen did the dirty work for you, scouring the inter-webs for a few of the most interesting, inspirational, humorous, helpful, and informative tweeters out there.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Twitterverse, tweet your heart out.



@richardbranson: Not only an interesting tweeter but certainly one of the most fascinating guys out there. Billionaire adventurer Richard Branson formed his Virgin Group of over 400 companies when he started selling a magazine at the age of 16. He tweets business advice, his worldly outlooks, and loads of information about his various projects that range from setting new oceanic depth records to soaring to new heights with consumer space travel.

@OMGFacts : Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were invented by mistake when the chocolate inside didn’t melt properly? You do now. Tweets include food for thought like this one and a plethora of other interesting facts.

@TedChris: Chris Anderson is an entrepreneur and founder of the TED talks, a global series of lectures featuring today’s best and brightest thinkers. Tweets include insights into the minds of hundreds of TED speakers and links to talks on finance and politics, science and technology, and the occasional musical performance.


Paoulo Cohello: Bestselling author of The Alchemist tweets about following your heart and wise thoughts on life in general.

@DeepakChopra: Indian doctor and motivational speaker Deepak Chopra provides insights on life and spirituality. He is a deep believer in meditative techniques and mind-body medicine.

@DalaiLama: The head of state and spiritual leader of Tibet is known worldwide as a man of peace. The Dalai Lama tweets about his views on peace, happiness, and compassion.


@JudahWorldChamp: 30 Rock funnyman and author of the satirical ultimate fighting guide “How to Beat Up Anybody,” Judah Friedlander is a rising star in the comedy world and has the tweets to prove it.

@StephenAtHome: A political pundit we all can agree to love, The Colbert Report’s namesake’s tweets range from the absurdities in our lives to the absurdities in our politics, all with the highest degree of “truthiness.”

College Oriented:

@TweetMyJobs: Tweets include everything from resume advice to real job postings. Companies posting jobs here include Comcast, Allstate, and Microsoft, just to name a few.

@CollegeBlender: An unfiltered look at the views of real students, professors, and alumni of colleges around the country sharing on their respective schools and campus life.

@savvystudent: An advice feed on relationships, pinching pennies, financial aid, and a myriad of motivational quotes to get you through that next paper. All things a savvy student should care about.


@espn: The holy bible of twitter feeds for all things sports. Scores, stats, interviews, news, you name it.

@Mashable: Your one stop shop for all things technology, social media, and digital culture. Tweets by founder Pete Cashmore and staff, one of the most widely followed cutting edge accounts out there.

@BreakingNews: Features breaking stories from around the world from a variety of trusted news sources, delivering the news as it’s happening.

@nextgenjournal: Oh c’mon, what’s wrong with a little shameless plug? But seriously, follow us, we’re awesome.

Well there you have it, a compilation of some of the best Twitter accounts out there. While by no means complete, this list is an excellent jumping off point for a dive into the world of Twitter and is sure to keep you informed, inspired, and laughing out loud for at least 140 characters, guaranteed.

Zack Rizzo Zack Rizzo Zack is a third year journalism student at the University of Cincinnati. Aside from his journalist passions, he enjoys backpacking, road trips, and mixing cocktails as a professionally trained mixologist.

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